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Arguably, one of the most important tasks a maid of honor has is coming up with a great theme and rounding up bachelorette party supplies for the bride’s epic party. Being chosen as a maid of honor is a big privilege. The gesture suggests that the bride loves you dearly and wants you to be a big part of her day. Nevertheless, a maid of honor has some very important duties and responsibilities resting on her shoulders.

Chosen as a maid of honor but clueless as to how to throw a bachelorette party? Below are just a few tips which you can use in order to throw the bride a bash she would not forget:

Schedule Accordingly

Picking out a date for a bachelorette party can be tricky. Scheduling it too early can feel anti-climatic. On the other hand, having the bash right before the wedding is simply not a good idea. The last thing you want is a bride breaking out on the day of her wedding from partying from the night before. According to experts, a good timeframe is from six weeks to a month before the ceremony.

Remain Aware of the Bridal Party’s Budget

Despite your desire to throw the biggest and most extravagant bachelorette party for your bride, it is important to be aware and sensitive of the bridal party’s budgetary capabilities. They most probably won’t voice out their complaints so it is up to you to navigate this slippery-slope.

Only Buy from Bachelorette Party Supply Providers You Can Trust

With all the stresses that come with planning a party, nothing is worse than a hired help failing to deliver what was agreed upon. In organizing a bash, it is ideal to only do business with suppliers like that can provide the bachelorette party supplies you need in a timely manner.

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